Who We Are

Who We Are

#Who we are

Who We Are

NSM Engineering is a Swiss software engineering company with headquarters in Baar and with its own nearshore development centers in Serbia (Belgrade, Nis, Kragujevac) and Romania (Iasi). Experienced professionals of solution architects, engineers and project managers dedicated to creating IT value for clients.

With multicultural teams, six locations and more than 280 employees, we develop and manage highly complex software solutions for discerning clients. We are guided by clients’ needs and provide solutions that directly meet their market needs.

Our model A-360 not only provides full support throughout the entire software development process, but also in each separate segments. By analyzing the current situation, we offer support for segment where we can create value – neither more nor less.

The characteristics that describe us best are: highest quality, accuracy, precision, flexibility and reliability.

Our Values

Swiss Quality

Swiss Quality is a stamp that marks each of our solutions. It is characterized by the highest quality, accuracy, precision and reliability. These are the values implemented in each of our solutions, values that our clients recognize and that are emphasized by those who recommend us.


Openness is another characteristic that defines us. An openness to new activities, business models, new ideas, methods, technologies, locations, team members. Each new idea opens our horizons; each new team member brings fresh energy, while each new client brings new knowledge.


Ambition is something that each member of our team has. Ambition is what inspires us to look to each new challenge with the motto – the harder the better. To try what seems to be an impossible solution and to surprise ourselves again and again.


We have the courage to tread paths that only a few choose – sometimes paths that no one has ever walked before. In searching for the best solutions for our clients we are not afraid of making mistakes. On the contrary, we discover new values from our mistakes and from the ways we resolve them, values that we would never have found if we had not tried.


Respect for each individual in our team, for each client, associate and partner, respect for deadlines, for budget limits, for client expectations and goals. Synergy is what we truly believe in; the synergy of team work – partnership with colleagues and with clients.


Balance is a value that runs through everything we do. Balance is what makes us feel good when we work, feel free to say what we think, be optimistic because we know well what we can do. But also lets us feel secure because we are part of a team that supports us and believes in us, and for us to be satisfied because apart from business life we have quality in social and family life. That is what we all strive for. And we won't settle for less.

With our unique Swiss made A-360 Model we deliver sustainable solutions with maximum flexibility