06 Apr The enthusiasts from enjoy.ing created a mobile application for the Belgrade Marathon

On Tuesday 4th April, City Assembly of Belgrade was a gathering place for representatives of enjoy.ing, organizers of the Belgrade Marathon and representatives of the City of Belgrade.

At a press conference held at 12 pm the main emphasis was on mobile application developed specially for Belgrade Marathon by a group of enthusiastic colleagues from our company. We are especially proud of the fact that our colleagues came up with the idea to contribute to the project aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle. 18 colleagues have made a mobile app in less than 2 months, using and working with new technologies they haven’t a chance to use before. This project was a big challenge for all who participated in it, but once again proved that a good idea always finds its way-.

Having in mind that the Belgrade Marathon and enjoy.ing share a number of characteristics and that we all believe in active participation within community in which we operate, we have decided to contribute to the 29th Belgrade Marathon with the mobile app but runners as well. Almost 30 people from our company will participate in one of the 3 races at the upcoming Marathon.

“As you know, whether to participate in the marathon, but also its organization, requires dedication, creativity, focus on results, team spirit, and above all, sincerely enjoyment in what you are doing. This sense of enjoyment in what we do is the most important common trait of Belgrade Marathon and us from enjoy.ing.”, said Mirjana Parpura Đorđević, HR Director.

Our IT Director, Sanel Jovanović, informed journalist about the mobile app and sent them positive message that for the 30th Marathon next year, the application will have lot of new features and improvements.

Here is short description of mobile app (available on Google Play and on App Store):

Mobile application of the Belgrade marathon, powered by enjoy.ing, features access to various content:

– instant notifications about manifestation news and program

– runners results search

– display of marathon and half marathon race courses

– overview of news and various information for runners

– weather forecast for marathon race day

We invite you to download this app today and enjoy with us at the 29th Belgrade Marathon!