Java Seniority including seamless processes.

Java Seniority including seamless processes.

What does a Senior Java Architect and Covid-19 have in common? Actually nothing, but mere coincidence: for the first time since we started, a complete Java team with a senior architect is available on short notice.

This offers opportunities for companies, that want to expand their development in a sustainable way. Those who act now, can strengthen their development unit in the long term.


  • Senior architect with more than 13 years experience in the development of complex applications. Over 10 years experience in large multi-team environments.
  • Team members available for all roles of agile development: Senior Architect, Full-Stack Developer, Tester/QA, Scrum Master and UI/UX.
  • The roles can be flexibly combined for each project.
  • Many years of experience working for renowned, large-sized Swiss corporations.
Java Seniority including seamless processes


NSM has 17 years of experience in building software teams that fit our customers’ needs.
Together with you, we create a joint team, which is only physically distributed over several locations. The processes and interactions are fully integrated and will be actively developed. This creates long-term value.


    • Starting July 2020 the roles/the tailor-made team will be available for you.
    • If you are interested, we look forward to hearing from you. In an initial meeting, we can compare your needs with the possibilities.



Dr. Ernst Sassen

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Oliver Marjanovic

CEO & Head Key Account Management,
NSM Engineering AG
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