We have experience from a diverse range of industries – aviation, banking, telecommunications and many other sectors. Every industry has its own specific characteristics, and with the years of experience we have accumulated, we can advise on how best to set-up teams and projects.

Local consulting competence, combined with the near-shore expertise in our development centers in Belgrade, Nis (Serbia) and Iasi (Romania), allows us to provide an optimal setup for our customers.

The banking and financing sectors are very sensitive to unpredictable economic situations. Yet in such an environment, they must serve consumers whose expectations concerning the quality of that service are constantly rising, while at the same time themselves fighting for survival and maintenance of market position with limited budgets. They need cost-effective solutions that can respond effectively to the conflicting challenges they face. This is exactly where NSM can help most.

Aviation is a sector characterized by very specific business processes. Integration between the heterogeneous applications developed by the many medium and larger airlines has historically always been a great challenge for those responsible for IT; a challenge that is being increased even further by the progressive digitalization of various new operating and commercial processes.

At present NSM has four teams of highly qualified engineers working for Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. The “Online Staff Travel Platform” is an example of successful client support from project start to conclusion. The development of the complex business logic behind this process and the integration of multiple backend systems were coupled with many other challenges. The booking platform was technically and qualitatively implemented without any glitches and constructed using modern architecture. Manuel Trunk, Head of IT System and Chief Architect at SWISS said: ”In developing the new Staff Travel Tools, we put great emphasis on the need for an open and flexible architecture from the start, and architecture that was modular and scalable, as well as one that permitted the integration and management of a complex business logic. Our expectations of the team concerning code quality, technical input and proactive cooperation were more than met.”

The telecommunications industry is facing enormous challenges, margins are under pressure due to ever fiercer competition while simultaneously digitalization requirements are also constantly growing. In our cooperation with a renowned telecommunications provider over the past few years, NSM has had the privilege and opportunity of introducing and implementing various innovative initiatives and as well as further developing existing platforms.

The rapidly growing demands on CIOs to manage existing and new distribution channels in retail organizations (omni-channel) is creating requirements to develop and maintain more and more complex applications. The successful interaction between technology and business processes is becoming increasingly important in securing the survival of client business models. As an experienced Hybris provider, with its own training program and more than 20 specialized engineers, NSM supports clients in their eCommerce endeavours from technical conception through to the development and implementation of the existing and new platforms. Beside its Hybris know-how, NSM also offers individual solutions for Magento or Java.

Onsite project management and technical consulting (hybris)

Agile consultancy

Support with certified hybris development and QA experts for platform enhancement projects

Our unique Team-Sourcing Model 3.0 means the engagement of experienced professionals who will develop innovative and quality solutions tailored exactly to the needs of our clients

This cooperation model puts at the client’s disposal loyal, dedicated and experienced software engineers. The engagement will not only increase the development capacity as a whole, but also creates synergies, increases flexibility and lowers costs. Through consultation, testing and training, NSM teams will also seek out ways to simplify existing procedures and thereby cut expenses.

Through consultation, testing and training, NSM teams will also seek out ways to simplify existing procedures and thereby cut expenses.