A360 Additional Services

A360 – Model Additional Services

We advise our clients from the outset on their projects – from questions about the best methodology and optimal positioning within the context of their organization – through to the provision of individual project roles or entire reporting structures. Frameworks change, especially during a long term cooperation, therefore we also proactively plan for such changes, reacting to them together with the client in order to optimize the outcome. Most of our clients develop their agile abilities (SCRUM, Kanban etc.) with us and as an active member of the Scrum Community in Serbia we offer the client official training sessions and certification. Some 25 clients have already taken advantage of this.

All our clients develop a taste for our proven Support Services, which provide 360 degrees wrap-around support to the processes and needs of the client. We support every client from first contact right up to the handing over of complete business processes. These services are integral part of our service offer and an intrinsic component of successful cooperation. Consequently consulting, for example, is not treated as a single, time limited service to secure projects, but instead as a substantial ongoing part of creating long term added value.

Every client and every project is unique, some allow near-shoring, some can only be done on-site, some can be a combination of both. Based on our 12 years of experience of near-shore and of on-site development, we know which constellations are reasonable and possible for which undertakings, and which are not. The learning curves are steep and even split teams can develop agile abilities (more than 70 % of our clients do so) – and knowing this enables us to assemble optimal teams and to better advise our clients.

A360 – Model Additional Services

A360 – services

Core services

  • Solution Design & Architecture

  • Software Development & QA

  • 2nd Wave

Additional services

  • Project Management (Consulting)

  • Managed Process

  • Location-optimized